Expedite maintenance and save space. Adding or replacing breakers can be accomplished quickly. Eaton's drawout design means there are fewer steps required to connect breakers. Installation is faster without deadfronts or covers to remove. And there is no need to re-cable.

Options for Enhanced Safety. Industry-leading technology monitors, protects and enhances safety during maintenance operations.

Maintenance personnel are afforded peace of mind and improved comfort with maintenance mode. Eaton's Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance System significantly reduces the time required to clear the fault – reducing the amount of arc flash energy by up to 75 percent. So that maintenance personnel can have reduced levels of personal protective equipment or PPE – improving mobility.

Eaton's Electronic Trip Units are engineered to meet a range of monitoring and protecting requirements. Curve shaping, zone selective interlocking, arc flash reduction, diagnostics and system monitoring and communications are available.

Maintenance Simplified. Visually inspect breaker status. See if the breaker is connected or disconnected from the bus.

Infrared viewing windows are available to view the lineside and loadside connections for single mounted drawout molded case breakers.

Enhance personnel safety. Advanced Safety features include finger-safe connections to the drawout breaker cassette and a mechanism system that will not allow the breaker to be connected or removed while the breaker is energized or in the ON position.

Critical environments

Mission critical industries require maximum uptime to protect critical loads, data integrity and operational continuity. The drawout molded-case panelboard and switchboard is designed for high availability, improves efficiency and offers flexible, scalable designs.

Data centers

Data centers are the backbone of businesses. Maximizing uptime and equipment availability is crucial. Eaton’s drawout molded-case panelboard and switchboard delivers faster maintenance with front-accessible equipment in a compact footprint.


Deliver superior care with reliable power. Eaton is committed to helping control costs and reduce energy requirements. Enhance productivity, operational uptime and personnel safety with the industry-leading drawout molded-case panelboard and switchboard.